Silverstone bsb - 05.10.14

Qualifying 1, I set off at the front of the pack knowing faster riders would come past me in which I planned to get a tow from and learn a few lines. This worked well for me as it resulted in me making big improvements to my lines and braking points the whole way round the lap. From 15 minutes in I started to go a lot quicker and ended up knocking 2 seconds off of my lap time from Free Practice. As the 25 minute session came to a close I ended up 19th. Again I was pleased with this as I didn’t expect to qualify in the top 20 in my first time at that track. However, I did hear that rain was coming for Saturday meaning I had to make the most of qualifying 1 to make my race easier by starting as far as I could up the grid. 

Qualifying 2, as the forecast predicted, the rain came lashing in meaning I would stay 19th for Sundays race. Although it was raining I was still keen to get out and get some more laps. Unfortunately the rain was so hard they stopped the event or two hours, this resulted in us loosing our qualifying session. So from here I looked forward to the race. 

The race. With some brand new tyres I had loads of confidence and I was up for it. As the lights went out I didn't get the jump I usually get and dropped back to about 23rd, I knew I had my work cut out. However I made up for it and got back into 19th at the end of lap 1. As the 2 laps went by I worked my way into 17th and got into a big battle for 10th position. On lap 4 the Safety Car came out and it went in on lap 6. I was still in the battle for 10th but coming onto lap 7 I selected the wrong gear out of the last turn, turn 17, and lost lots of drive down the start straight. For the remaining 3 laps I tried to catch up but couldn't quite do it. On the last lap I was 16th but with two riders dropping out I managed to get 14th. I was over the moon to get points in my second BSB race but I was also happy to knock a further 1.6 seconds off of my lap time and b e 0.9 of a second off of the 2013 lap record. 

Overall the weekend went very well, I learnt a lot and it was good to battle with fast riders because I felt like it brought my race craft a fair bit from previous rounds. 

Silverstone BSB was another Wildcard round for me and we entered the event just for another good experience. I went into the round with no expectations as I had never ridden the track before; this made the weekend more exciting for me. 

Free Practice, with many cycled laps with various other riders I was all set. As Free Practice progressed I did lap by lap just getting to know the place and kept improving ev ery corner each lap of the 3.6 mile circuit. As the session came to a close I ended up 19th, I was happy with this as I expected to be a lot lower down the order. In addition, I loved the track and couldn't wait to get back out there. We made a few minor adjustments for qualifying 1 and I was raring to go. 

© John Mushet