BSB | Cadwell Park

race report

We set off for round 9 of the championship in Lincolnshire. With there set to be big crowds and good weather I was really looking forward to the weekend and aiming for a top 10.

Free Practice- 9:00AM Friday morning and our session was under way, with a 30minute practice to get a feel for the track which I haven’t ridden for over a year and just to get my head up to speed.

On the first five laps I really noticed how narrow the track was and it nearly caught me out a few times but after 15 minutes of being on track I adjusted to it and started putting in some quicker laps in which left me 7th at the half way point of the session. I come in to the pits after 8 laps to realise I had just done my fastest lap of the session on lap 7 of a 1:34:002. The bike felt pretty good considering we just had our base settings in the bike, we made a few tweaks just before I headed back out on track to try improve the bike and my time. With 12 minutes of the session remaining I wanted to stay in that top 10 but I knew everyone would go faster towards the end of session therefore I had to improve as well. After 4 laps of trying to go faster I felt that the adjustments we made didn’t improve the bike and it felt harder to do a fast lap meaning I did not improve on my 1:34:002 which left me in 15th at the end of the session. Not a bad start to the weekend and I felt the bike wasn’t too far away.

Qualifying 1- With some front and rear end adjustments made and a new rear tyre I was set and raring to go. Again a 30 minute session so a mid way pit stop was planned. The pit lane opened and we roared off to try and put our best laps in. With the first few

flying laps done the bike felt well and on the 4th lap I was in the 1:32’s and I done another 1:32 on lap 6 and then I pitted on lap 7 for a breather and a tyre pressure check. After a 4 minute pit stop I went out to just go all out for one lap, I did 5 laps which weren’t that quick and then on lap 13 I put in my fastest time of the session with a 1:32:5. For the remainder of the session I pushed to go even faster but I kept making silly mistakes as my arms where getting pumped up and I didn’t improve before the session ended which saw me finish in 14th. Overall a good session as we found something with the bike and a further few tweaks for qualifying 2 I hoped to improve again.

Qualifying 2- as it was the middle of the day the temperature was at its peak and track temperature was really high. Again a 30minute session so a stop was planned but this time we were going to put in a new rear tyre half way through. As the pit lane opened I set off with my old rear tyre on and with track being so hot I could immediately feel the grip wasn’t there. I done

7 laps before I came in to the pits but on lap 6 I had a huge slide from the rear at turn 2 therefore I came into the pits for my new rear tyre on lap 7. Whilst in the pits the red flag came out so I had time to relax before I went out again. After an 11 minute stop I headed back o ut and I knew I had to do my fastest lap within the first 5 laps to get the best from my tyre. On my 3rd flying lap I posted my best lap time of 1:32:236 which bumped me up to 12th overall and 8th in that session which is where I finished as the flag went out. Overall a good qualifying as we improved again and the bike felt really good so I didn’t want any further changes which was good going in to the race.

Race- From 12th on the grid making a good start was crucial as always. As the lights went out my initial jump wasn’t very good, however my run up to the first corner was much better

and I made up a few places and broke in to the top 10. With the first few laps being very hectic I settled down in 7th chasing down 6th and 5th, as me and 6th closed down 5th place man, he crashed out therefore I was then in 6th. On lap 6 I done a 1:31:8 and then backed that up with a 1:31:6 on lap 7 and another 1:31:8 on lap 8. I was really pleased with that as it was under the old lap record and only 0.1 off of the winner of the race. With 9 laps done I had just lost touch with 5th but on lap 10 a rider in front of me crashed meaning I then was sitting in 5th with 2 laps left. I had a big gap behind me and the riders in front of me where just out of reach so I settled for 5th, however on the last and in the last sector 4th and 3rd had coming together and one of them fell off leaving me to cross the line 4th which was a mega result and I was over the moon with it. In addition, after race direction had look at the incident in front of me and they came to the conclusion that 3rd place should have a 5 second penalty meaning I got promoted to 3rd which gave me my first ever British Championship podium and trophy. This made my weekend and moved me up to 8th in the championship so all in all a very good weekend.

Now we move on to Oulton Park for round 10 where I want to earn my podium and spray that champagne. I would just like to say a massive thank you to all my sponsors and I hope I can repay you with some more results like this.