We were kindly donated a large piece of Art designed and printed by "Art For Petrolheads' of Brad when he had his accident, We have now been donated a celebratory piece of artwork to celebrate Brad Jones being discharged from Kings College Hospital! We will be auctioning the original large piece and will be offering these smaller versions to you. 


ALL of these artworks will be signed by Brad himself to say thank you for all of the support you guys have given him. Please bare in mind that there will be a lot for Brad to sign and we have to give him time, so the delivery on these could be slightly longer but he will get through them as soon as he can. 


The artwork will be printed on to canvas material, which you can then picture frame, canvas frame or use as a poster. 


- 24x17inches 

- £15.00 will be donated to Brad Jones to help with his recovery. 

*NEW* Signed Brad Jones Artwork